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Moneylender is an increasingly popular search term as both Singaporeans and foreign workers alike are looking into avenues outside the banking institutions to cope with their financing needs amid inflation and greater economic uncertainties in Singapore. There are many licensed moneylenders whom provide the similar loan services.  When searching for personal loan or payday loan will render results from almost all moneylenders in Singapore! We understand the competitiveness and have been constantly seeking a winning edge to serve our clients better. By not just providing you with the loan to aid your financial woes but at the same time guide and better know you, so to ensure you will be enjoying financial freedom and independence!

At Excel Credit, we are just who you will probably taking to in times of needs.  Be our regular customer and stand to enjoy exclusive rates and service of convenience! We are a group of experience and dedicated consultants who truly understands and listens. Drop us a line or by filling up the our online forms and allow our consultants to contact you and understand how we can be your assistance.

About Excel

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We are always here to make life simpler for you

We are always here to make life simpler for you (65) 6220-2937

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